A message from the founder...

My Vitamin C journey began when I became pregnant. As an acne sufferer entering her early 30’s, I walked the fine line of balancing pimple control and preventing visible signs of aging. Unwilling (and now unable) to turn to prescription products or strong retinoids, I shifted my focus to Vitamin C. With a strong knowledge of chemistry, I understood the challenge I faced: finding a stable, properly formulated, high concentration L-Ascorbic Acid serum that wouldn’t cause an acne flare up. 

After some (make that a ton) of research I found one serum that seemed to tick all the boxes and rushed out to pick up a bottle of 15% Vitamin C Day Serum. The moment I returned home I eagerly washed my face in preparation and squirted two pumps onto my hand. I looked down and saw the colour of the serum: orange! To most people an orange Vitamin C serum might seem logical, but I knew this meant only one thing: my brand new, one hundred dollar serum had already oxidized. Rather than return it, the hopeful side of me decided to try it out anyway. After eight weeks of use I saw absolutely no improvement in my skin. To make matters worse, the oily ingredients used to help prevent oxidation (unsuccessfully) didn’t pair well with my acne. At this point I gave up on the serum and, with no other prospects to try, decided to take matters into my own hands. 

I had one mission: to create a clean, effective L-Ascorbic Acid serum. I partnered with an amazing local manufacturer and, after nearly two years of research, development and testing, their chemist and I perfected the formulation and freshC Superserum was born!